Mesendoderm onsets at different time point, however, following dynamics and expression profiling show a synchronized progression.

MEF cells carrying constitutive RFP, YFP or CFP during reprogramming to pluripotency.

Cells Commit to Meiosis around MI: Dmc1-YFP yeast cells in a "return to growth" experiment. Cells switched back to rich medium a few hours into meiosis. Three cells in this position (marked by arrows) passed MI and completed meiosis, while all other cells didn't pass MI and returned to budding while showing decreasing levels of Dmc1-YFP.

Embryoid body mesodermal differentiation can assume different progression modes. In this movie Brachyury GFP in nine parallel time EBs is visualized using 2-photon microscopy, showing different onset times, progression rate and path.


Tracking lineage pairs from first division during MEF reprogramming to iPS cells. Each lineage pair was annotated using the same color. Reprogramming was preceded by two days of Ezh2 inhibition treatment. The pair annotated purple on the bottom left is a mixed-fate pair, with one of the sub-lineages not responding and dying off on day 2.


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