Maayan Pour

PhD Student





2012 - BSc Biotechnology Engineering, Ben Gurion University



Our goal is to understand how cells within a population reach developmental 


decisions. I am interested in reprogramming and early differentiation. In both systems, 


I am tracking the process using live cell imaging, to learn the decision points and the 


dynamics leading to specific cell fates. Using image analysis and computational 


modeling, we develop a statistical-based model.  


As an engineer, I am interested in combining mathematical and statistical approaches 


with experiment to answer fundamental biological questions. My goal is to offer an 


effective model that describes the dynamics of cells decisions. I have developed a 


high throughput method to characterize the decision point of cells during 


reprogramming, concluding that the fate potential is largely predetermined rather than 


stochastic. I am now studying differentiation processes, quantifying signals over time 


and attempting to model the connections between them and fate choices using systems 


biology approaches.